How To Choose Best Solutions Of Solar Street Light For Road Project

In the design of engineering road projects, we may not know how to choose a suitable and economical solution to design lighting for urban roads. Based on previous experience, LECUSO summarizes some parameter configurations of solar street lights.

1. For Street Light Pole height selection: Lamp pole height is generally selected according to the width of the road, choose and road width of the same or slightly greater than the road width of the best street light pole height. Single lane choose 3-5 meters light pole; double lane choose 5-7 meters light pole; four lane or traffic trunk road choose 8-12 meters light pole; courtyard or other scenes lighting is based on the lighting range to choose.

2. LED lamp head wattage selection: should be based on the use of street lights, pole height, LED street light lumen value, LECUSO solar street lights imported from the United States CREE, Bridgelux LED chip, lumens can reach 170LM/W-210LM/W. General pedestrian traffic less roads and scenes can choose a slightly lower power LED lamp head, pedestrian traffic more roads and scenes 3-4 meters pole recommended to choose 15-20 watt LED head; 5-7 meters pole recommended to choose 30-50 watt LED head; 8-12 meters pole recommended to choose 50-150 watt LED light; according to the actual situation can choose double LED head street light.

3. Flange and foot bolt selection: first of all, the flange and foot bolt match, in order to match the installation. In general, the higher the height of the solar street light pole, the larger the size of the flange and foot bolt, consider the wind resistance.


II. Solar street light installation spacing and location:

According to the construction drawings and survey of the site geology, there is no shade at the top of the street light, the street light spacing of 20-50 meters as a benchmark value to determine the installation position of the street light, otherwise, the appropriate adjustment of the street light installation position. 1. Road width of about 3-4 meters, 3-4 meters light pole, 15-20 watt LED lamp head, the installation distance should be 20-25 meters; 2. Road width of about 5-7 meters, 5-7 meters Road width of about 5-7 meters, 5-7 meters light pole, 30-50 watt LED lamp head, the installation distance should be 30-40 meters; 3. Road width of about 8-12 meters, 8-12 meters light pole, 50-150 watt LED lamp head, the installation distance should be 30-50 meters.

III. The choice or angle of solar panels: solar panels in sunny areas, such as Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, suitable for monocrystalline solar panels, rainy days a lot of countries recommended the use of polycrystalline, power generation efficiency is more suitable. According to the building or tree shading situation, you can adjust the direction of the solar panels, generally in the west or east of 20 degrees.

Post time: Jan-26-2022