China Manufacturer Street Light Post 5m 6m 8m 10m 12m Galvanized Street Light Pole

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1. Height: 3m-35m.

2. Material: Q235/Q345/Q460 Steel.

3. Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanized+Powder coating.

4. Zinc layer thickness: >80.

5. Warranty: 20years.

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3M ~ 12M Street Light Pole Specification

Light Pole Height Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Pole Thickness Base Plate
3M 60 mm 130 mm 2.75 mm 250 * 250 * S14 mm
4M 60 mm 130 mm 2.75 mm 260 * 260 * S14 mm
5M 60 mm 140 mm 3.00 mm 260 * 260 * S14 mm
6M 60 mm 145 mm 3.00 mm 300 * 300 * S16 mm
7M 76 mm 160 mm 3.00 mm 300 * 300 * S16 mm
8M 80 mm 180 mm 3.25 ~ 4.00 mm 320 * 320 * S20 mm
9M 80 mm 180 mm 3.25 ~ 4.00 mm 350 * 350 * S20 mm
10M 90 mm 200 mm 3.5 ~ 4.00 mm 400 * 400 * S20 mm
11M 100 mm 205 mm 3.75 ~ 4.00 mm 400 * 400 * S20 mm
12M 100 mm 220 mm 4.00 ~ 5.00 mm 400 * 400 * S20 mm
Tolerance of dimension ±2/%
Minimum yield strength 285Mpa-450Mpa
Anti-corrosion performance Class II
Against earthquake grade 10
Color Customized
Surface treatment Hot-dip Galvanized and Electrostatic Spraying, Rust Proof, Anti-corrosion performance Class II
Shape Type Conical pole, Octagonal pole,Square pole, Diameter pole
Arm Type single arm,double arms,triple arms,four arms
Stiffener With big size to strength the pole to resist the wind
Powder coating Thickness of powder coating>100um.Pure polyester plastic powder coating is stable, and with strong adhesion & strong ultraviolet ray resistance.

Film thickness is more than 100 um and with strong adhesion. The surface is not peeling even with blade scratch (15×6 mm square).

Wind Resistance According to local weather condition, General design strength of wind resistance is ≥150KM/H
Welding Standard No crack, no leakage welding, no bite edge, weld smooth level off without the concavo-convex fluctuation or any welding defects.
Hot-Dip Galvanized Thickness of hot-galvanized>80um.Hot Dip Inside and outside surface anti-corrosion treatment by hot dipping acid. which is in accord with BS EN ISO1461 or GB/T13912-92 standard. Designed life of pole is more than 25 years, and the galvanized surface is smooth and with the same color. Flake peeling hasn't been seen after maul test.
Material Aluminium,SS304 is available
Passivation Available

Company Advantage

1. This Type single and double arm conical lamp pole are made from the raw material Q235 Steel, it is 3meters to 12meters(15ft,20ft,30ft,35ft,40ft) height with a wall thickness of 3.0mm to 6.0mm(0.12inches to 0.19inches), Variable arm length from 1m to 3m with double and single arm type. The curve arms lamp post are designed to mount the led street lights or solar street light. This light pole has a simple and basic design, easy to install and maintain, high strength and time-tested. Generally it is applicable to street, square, stadium, highway, expressway, seaside,etc. The Street lighting poles meet all applicable material ASTM standards. Welding pass flaw testing. Internal and external double welding makes the welding beautiful in shape. And confirms with international welding standard of CWB, BS EN15614All welders have over 18 years welding experience.

2. Our light poles are all hot-dip galvanized as a whole. The thickness of the international zinc layer is not less than 80 microns. The thickness of the zinc layer of LECUSO light poles is generally more than 100 μm.Hot-dip galvanized light poles can be used on the seashore, without corrosion for a long time, and the service life can reach 20 years.

3. Light poles can be used for solar light support,Ac lighting support, and garden decoration.According to drawings, different shapes can be customized.

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