What Is The Price Of Solar Street Light Project

With the popularity of solar energy, solar street lights have also been widely used as lighting systems. Solar street lights have brought us many benefits, because solar street lights are powered by sunlight, so even if there is no electricity at night, this has no effect on solar street lights, and it will still run normally. Now, whether in cities or new rural areas, solar street lights are installed one after another. So what is the price of solar street lights? In response to this question, the following lecuso engineers will introduce you to the factors that affect the price.


1. The price of the light pole is based on the height of the light pole, the upper and lower diameters, the wall thickness, and the size of the flange.

2. The price of solar panels is mainly determined by the power of the solar panels.

3. The price of lamps depends on the style chosen and the brand of led chips, such as Philips, Cree, Bridgelux, etc.

4. The price of the battery is determined by the choice of AH (battery capacity), ternary lithium or lithium iron phosphate.

5. The price of the solar panel bracket is mainly related to the size of the solar panel.

6. The price of the support arm is determined by the design shape and material selection of the support arm.

7. The price of accessories is mainly determined according to the accessories used, and different configurations will have different effects.

8. The price of embedded parts, according to the depth of the project concrete.

The above prices of solar street lights are shared here, and solar street lights can benefit for a long time with only one investment. Due to the simple wiring, there is no high maintenance cost, and the overall maintenance cost is very low.

Post time: Jul-12-2022