10M 100W Super Bright 170LM/W High watt Led Solar Street Light

Short Description:

● 100W LED Power,IP67 waterproof

● 170lm/w,bridgelux chip 150pcs

● Color temperature:2700-6500K

● LED life span>50000hours

● Lamp body:Aluminium

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1.IP66 Waterproof rating Completely prevent foreign objects from invading,can 2.withstand heavy rain, and strong water spray.
3.Solar energy products energy conservation, environmental protect,easy to use.
4.Powered by Solar energy, easy to get the energy, environment friendly;
5.Our solar panel warranty more than 25years,LED light source life of up to 50,000 hours, the battery can be used for more than 5-7 years.
6.High lumen solar luminaire module with 20% higher luminosity than normal type.
7.Because the management and maintenance of solar street lights is very simple, and can achieve a long service life, so do not need to waste any cost money, the most important thing is that in a variety of different occasions will also have a very good decorative role, can show a very high-end atmospheric beauty, of course, can also play a better functional role, not only can play a basic lighting role, but also to maximize the savings of the annual night lighting costs, now all major cities are widely used such street lights, in many public places and stadiums will also apply this solar street lights.

Product Parameters

PIC Item 100W


Power 100w
LED Chip Cree/Bridgelux/Philips Brand
Light Efficiency >170Lm/w
CCT 3000-6500K
Viewing Angle 120°
IP 65
Working Environment: 30℃~+70℃
PIC Item 150w Mono Solar Panel 2pcs


Power 150w
Efficiency of solar cells >18%
Maximum power voltage 18.5v
Maximum circult voltage 8.11A
Open circult voltage 22.2V
Short circult current 8.52A
PIC Item Gel Battery 2pcs


Rated Voltage 12v
Rated Capacity 100AH
Terminal Cable(2.5mm²×2 m)
Maximum Charge Current 20A
Case ABS
Warranty 3Years
PIC Item Lithium Battery


Rated Voltage 24v
Rated Capacity 80AH 2048WH
Terminal Cable(2.5mm²×2 m)
Maximum Charge Current 20A
Case Aluminium/Steel
Warranty 3Years
PIC Item Solar Controller


Rated working voltage 12V/24V
Max. charging current 15A
levels of protection IP67
Maximum Charge Current 15A
Constant current efficiency 96%
Output voltage range Max panel/ 12V 480WP solar panel
Warranty 3years
PIC Item 9M Street light pole


Material Q235 Steel
Diameter 80/200mm
Thickness 4mm
Light Arm 1.5M
Base plate 400*400*20mm
Anchor Bolt 4-M20-1000mm
Surface Treatment Hot dip galvanized+ Powder Coating
Warranty 20years

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Project Case

all in one solar street light
all in one solar street light

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All in one solar street light
All in one solar street light
All in one solar street light

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