Customized Octagonal Round Outdoor Street Light Post 6M 8M 9M 10M 12M Galvanized Street Light Pole

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2.Material: Q235/Q345/Q460 Steel

3.Surface treatment:Hot dip galvanized+Powder coating

4.Zinc layer thickness:>80


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1.Expressway Double and Single Arms Round Tapered Outdoor Lighting Pole Feature.
2.This Double arms road street light pole,constructed from A36 Steel, The design of this light post,brings a uniform lighting experience to a large space and solve potential obstacles to traffic to increase safety .They are used in parking lots, downtown areas, neighborhoods, walkways and building grounds.
3.Pole: The pole shaft is round tapered,made from Q235/GR50/GR65 steel plate of one-piece construction,the seam of the post is welded by plasma welding automatically equipment. Luminaires .
4.Arm: The luminaire arms are made of Q235/GR50/GR65 steel plate .The connecting part of a lamp arm are welded by Submerged Arc Welding process.
5.Light Pole Hand Hole: Each light pole hand hole includes a light pole access cover and cover attachment hardware. Pole assembly is provided with a 120*300mm rectangular hand hole.
6.Base Plate: The base plate is square with four slotted holes for anchor bolts, fabricated from steel .The base plate and pole shaft is circumferentially welded top and bottom. Light Pole .
7.Anchor Bolts: Anchor bolts are rolled from galvanized steel Q235B .Each anchor bolts shall include:four steel hot dip galvanized anchor bolts each with two nuts and two flat washers sized to match the anchor bolts.
8.Finish: After hot-dip galvanizing, passivation and thickening treatment shall be carried out, and the thickness of zinc layer shall be more than 80 um. The warranty can reach more than 20 years .
9.Other Options: The following options are available. Please consult our sales representative for details: Hardware, custom tenon sizes, custom colors, luminaries, custom pole heights, additional handholes, custom base plate dimensions.

Product Parameters

Height Upper/Bottom(MM) THK(MM) Flange(MM) Basic(MM)
6M 70/135 2.75 260*12 60MM*18
7M 70/150 2.75 260*12 70MM*18
8M 70/158 3 300*12 75MM*18
9M 80/185 3.25 320*14 80MM*20
10M 78/185 3.5 350*16 85MM*22
11M 80/200 3.5 400*18 95MM*22
12M 80/215 3.5 400*18 95MM*22

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Product Details

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All in one solar street light
All in one solar street light
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China Traffic Camera Light Pole3

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